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Flaming Memories

Pride Candle Combo: Love is Love & Pride Vibes

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Celebrate Pride Month with our exclusive Pride Candle Combo, featuring the "Love is Love" and "Pride Vibes" candle jars. This duo is the perfect way to embrace love, unity, and the vibrant spirit of the LGBTQ+ community.

Combo Includes:

1. Love is Love Candle:
Fragrance Profile: Spicy, Aphrodisiac, Woody
A tribute to unity and acceptance, this candle blends spicy, sensual, and earthy notes to create a harmonious and enchanting ambiance. It's a perfect statement piece that proudly supports equality and love.

2. Pride Vibes Candle:
Fragrance Profile: Citrus, Sweet, Minty
Infused with lively citrus and sweet notes, this candle energizes and uplifts any space. Its bright, zesty aroma is a refreshing celebration of diversity and positivity.

Whether you're looking to fill your home with delightful scents or searching for the perfect gift to show your support, the Pride Candle Combo is a radiant way to light up any space with love and pride. Embrace the spirit of Pride Month and let your true colors shine bright. 🌈🕯️❤️✨