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Flaming Memories

Love at first Light - Wax Melt

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Introducing Our Valentine's Day Special: Mini Heart-Shaped Wax Melts!

Delight your senses and infuse your space with the enchanting fragrance of "Love at First Light" with our exclusive mini heart-shaped wax melts. Crafted with the blend of our love potion, these wax melts are the perfect way to add a touch of romance to your home this Valentine's Day.

Each heart-shaped wax melt is carefully handcrafted to release the exquisite notes of fresh florals, ylang-ylang, lily of the valley, and rose, accompanied by hints of violet and exotic base notes. As they melt, they fill your room with the warm, inviting scent of love and nostalgia.

Whether you're planning a romantic evening for two or simply want to indulge in self-care, our mini heart-shaped wax melts are the perfect addition to your Valentine's Day celebration. Place them in your favourite wax warmer and let the fragrance of "Love at First Light" whisk you away to moments of passion and tenderness.

Treat yourself or someone special to the ultimate Valentine's Day experience with our mini heart-shaped wax melts. Spread love, create memories, and immerse yourself in the magic of "Love at First Light."

Product Details:

Content - 50g of solid heart shaped wax per tin, blended with natural dried botanicals.

Pair it with our elegant Flamming Memories wax burner and never use the burner for more than 4 hours at a time.