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Flaming Memories

🌈Pride Vibes🌈

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Infuse your space with the vibrant spirit of Pride Month with our "Pride Vibes" Pride Candle. This lively scented jar candle features the exhilarating fragrance of Citrus Splash, designed to energize and uplift. A touch of sweetness adds warmth and comfort. Along with bright and zesty notes which invigorate your senses with a fresh, tangy aroma.

Light up your life with the spirited essence of Pride and let the "Pride Vibes" candle bring a burst of positivity and joy into your home.

Celebrate diversity, spread joy, and fill your space with positive energy with the "Pride Vibes" Pride Candle. Because every day is a day to shine bright and proud. 🌈🕯️✨

Product Details:

Wax Weight: 150gm
Burn time - up to 50 hours | Soy wax | Hand-poured in India 

Contents - 1 candle in a frosted glass container with a wooden lid 

Additional Information:

Handcrafted candle with non-toxic and biodegradable natural soy wax. The natural property of soy can lead to slight discoloration and variations in texture. This does not affect the performance or quality of the candle.

Soy wax candles last longer, burn cleaner than petroleum-based paraffin candles, and are less likely to trigger allergies.

Note: Because all of our candles are handmade, no two are identical.